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Grace and Frankie Season 3 speculative sneak peak
All right, so I mentioned my plans to post a speculative look at Season 3 of Netflix's Grace and Frankie. Well, here it is. Read on for my take
of Season 3 Episode 1 with special attention paid to the pair's business development plans.

Season 3 starts where Season 2 left off. Former businesswoman Grace (Jane Fonda) dives into research related to their virabtor-for-arthritic-women company. Meanwhile, Frankie (Lily Tomlin) anxiously tries to reclaim her standing as an artist with her exhibit just weeks away. Her tried and try combo of vlogging and weed help her calm down, even if they don't do much to improve her focus.

The pair have yet to commit to a name for their company because "Why Bother?" doesn't send the right message. Indeed, they want older arthritic women to bother! They continue to toss around potential names, including a favorite that is an homage to their friend Babe: Sexy Older Babe, or SOB. It's a current front-runner.

In a small effort to make amends to their ex-wives, Robert and Sol promise to file the legal paperwork for free once the women pin down the details of their company.

Grace throws herself into online research. At various points in the episode, she is found washing her hands or using hand sanitizer that she placed next to her laptop.

Frankie is in her studio trying to paint, but mostly smoking pot. Frankie leaves her studio and heads to the kitchen in search of munchies. Grace then showers her with facts.

Grace: Can you believe there's a $3,000 golden dildo?

It's unclear whether Frankie mishears or simply takes joy in making Grace repeat herself.

Frankie (dismissively): Grace, you are not a dog person. Why would you spend $3,000 on a goldendoodle?

Grace (annoyed): A golden vibrator that sells for $3,000! (lighthearted) Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Frankie, being familiar with the topic of vibrators, responds with a barrage of interesting factoids

Grace (smug): Well, aren't you the ghost of vibrators past? But do you know where they are headed?

Frankie (shrieks with laughter): Of course, I know where they are headed: into the vaginas of arthritic older women!

Frankie heads back to the studio.

Grace (shouts): I mean do you know anything about teledildonics?!

Frankie does an about face.

Frankie (sobers up): What now?

Grace: It means you use an app on your phone to control the (stammers, motions with hands). Here, let me show you.

The women huddle over the laptop screen uttering hmms, oohs, aahs and looks of astonishment.

End scene.

Later in the episode Grace's daughter Mallory (Brooklyn Decker) goes into labor. The grandpas were supposed to watch the older grandkids, but the men are stuck in negotiations for their new home, so the kids get dropped off at the beach house.

Unwilling to do something as frivolous as play in the sand, Grace sits the kids down at her computer, sets them up on a favorite website, and fixes herself a drink. She settles down across from them. They click and smile until their eyes glaze over. Grace's eyes begin to glaze a bit as well.

Frankie enters the kitchen in search of another nosh.

Grandkids (giggling) to Frankie: Do you have horns?

Grace (aghast): Kids!

Frankie's artistic confidence ignites as she describes Michaelangelo's Moses sculpture. She starts to explain how it led to the rumor that Jews have horns.

Meanwhile, Grace walks over to the kids and sees a "horny grandmas" pop-up ad on their screen, a result of her earlier research.

Grace (demanding with forced cheer): Kids, go find the sunscreen; we're heading out to the beach!

They excitedly scramble out of the kitchen. Frankie returns to her studio refreshed still talking to herself about art.

Grace unconsciously squirts hand sanitizer onto her palm, rubs hers hands, downs her drink, and follows the kids outside.

End scene.

Click for Episode 2 in which they develop the brand's visual identity.

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