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From Frankie Bergstein @SuckItAynRand on Twitter.
I've yet to receive a cease and desist letter from the Grace and Frankie crew, so here's my imaginary recap of the Grace and Frankie product development, okay vibrator development, story arc. You can read Episode 1 here.

When we last saw Grace and Frankie, Grace was working diligently on their business plan to develop a vibrator for old, arthritic women while Frankie was, well, being Frankie.

As Episode 2 opens we see Grace working on a shiny new computer, one she purchased in an effort to erase the "naughty" browsing history she created doing vibrator research. She still has a bottle on hand sanitizer nearby.

Not surprisingly, Grace continues to do the bulk of the work on the business plan, but she's okay with that. Grace is feeling invigorated and more positive than she's been in a while now that she's facing a business challenge, as opposed to a personal one, In fact, she's a big cheerleader when it comes to Frankie's art show.

The show is a success, or at least successful enough that Frankie commits to developing artwork for the vibrator line.

Grace channels Frankie's newfound enthusiasm by asking her to come up with at least three ideas to define and support their developing brand's visual identity.

Frankie develops three concepts:

1) By vaginas for vaginas

Frankie once again tries her hand (um, vagina) at painting and comes up with something very similar (see above) to what was ultimately rejected for the yam lube after her contract with Say Grace ended. The brand message is one of female empowerment as indicated by bold, abstract prints (and, of course, vaginal painting).

2) Not dead yet. 

These visuals represent the perfect marriage of Georgia O'Keefe's larger than life vaginal flowers and the mysterious, starkly phallic corpse flower. The notoriously slow-to-bloom corpse flower's Latin name, Amorphophallus titanum, translates into "misshapen phallic giant."  However, Frankie proudly, if mistakenly, explains the Latin name to Grace as the "giant phallus of sexual desire," a perfect fit for their brand!

This visual identity pushes societal conventions aside.

Frankie explains: Who says women peak sexually at 40? Okay, maybe we did peak a few years back, but we're still here and we still want to have orgasms. They're fun! They feel good! Like the corpse flower, it may take us a while to get going, but we need to let women know they have at least one more glorious burst waiting to be released.

3) Dainty old lady

Hoping to force a choice between concepts 1 and 2, Frankie's third concept is a treacly pastel-laden take-off of the incontinence product, Poise Pads. 

Frankie's plan succeeds to some degree. We see Grace wiping her hands with sanitizer as she give Frankie feedback on the concepts. A savvy businesswoman, Grace, is aware that Frankie is trying to force her hand. Grace coyly asks a lot of questions, feigning interest in the Dainty old lady concept.

Concerned, Frankie gets anxious and more animated as Grace asks more questions about the wrong concept. She eventually reveals her hand and tells Grace to move on to the other ideas.

Although Grace is disgusted by the concept of vagina art, she's somewhat drawn to the brazen look of Frankie's first concept, By vaginas, for vaginas. She likes story of female empowerment. But mostly she can't can past the idea of a paint brush in Frankie's hoo-ha.

This leave both women focusing on the Not dead yet concept.

Grace: I think this really nails it. Remember we told the kids that we were going into business making products for women like us? Not dead yet leaves room for us to create all sorts of things, not just...sex toys.

Frankie: Yes! We can do so much to help women our age blossom..bloom...burst!

Grace (enthused): I think you just found the name for our company!

Frankie: Blossom, Bloom, Burst? It sounds like a law firm/florist.

Grace: We'll pick one of those words. They're all Bs.

Frankie: A tribute to Babe! Where is she, by the way? I think we need to include her in important business meeting like this.


Stay tuned for Season 3, Episode 3 of Grace and Frankie, "The field trip."

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