Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Grace and Frankie Sneak Peek, Season 3, Episode 3 an Unofficial Recap

Grace and Frankie Season 3 Sneak Peek
I'm back with the latest installment in the story arc of Grace and Frankie as they develop their new business, vibrators for arthritic women. In Episode 1 the dynamic duo started their business plan and in Episode 2, they developed concepts for the brand's visual identity. (click the links to read, yo.)

Episode 3 opens with Grace again seated at her computer near the kitchen, hand sanitizer by her side. This time she's searching vibrator patents

It's midday, but Frankie only recently returned from an overnight visit at Farmer Jacob's. She's humming as she joyfully mixes up a kale smoothie (or possibly a batch of yam lube) oblivious to how her noise and that of the grinding blender are affecting Grace's concentration. 

Frankie further ignores Grace's social cues and sits down across from her to talk. 

Frankie: So where are we at with our plans?

Grace (resigned to human interaction): Well, I've uncovered a lot. No pun, intended. There's actually some very interesting technology out there and I've got a few solid ideas. I think it's time for a model.

Frankie (eyes wide, enthused): Ooh, I'll ask my art teacher where he finds male models for the nudes class.

Grace (sighs): No, not that kind of model. More like a product sample. 

Frankie (still eager): I can sculpt something. Some things...

Grace (with a hint of exasperation): It sounds like everyone makes models with 3D printers these days, but I don't know the first thing about that.

Frankie (even more excited): Jacob has a friend...

Grace (interrupts, annoyed): I told you not that kind of model.

Frankie (crabby): Oh, let me finish. Jacob's an engineer, remember? Even though he's a farmer now, he knows a lot about technology. He has a friend  who helps runs some kind of "maker space" with 3D printers and all sorts of technology stuff. I'll text him and get us an appointment.

Frankie picks ups her phone to text, but a smile comes across her face.

Frankie continues: I think we need to do a little more research first. C'mon Grace you've been sitting on your ass too long. I'm taking you on a field trip.

Frankie literally pulls Grace up and they nearly tumble across the kitchen. Frankie is laughing as they head out to the car.

Cut to scenes of their family members (whose stories I'm not documenting here).

Back to Grace and Frankie.

Frankie takes them to a woman’s boutique, which is to say, an upscale woman-orientated sex toy shop. They enter together holding hands because Grace has been anxious ever since Frankie told her where they were headed. She’s never been in a place like this. 

Frankie (hugs Grace, says warmly): Honey, you're at the start of an incredible journey. Isn't this fun?!

Frankie heads off to her favorite part of the store.

Grace wanders anxiously. A salesgirl (Ms. Lena Dunham!) who had been in the background approaches her. Having seen the pair enter the store, but also noting the couple's hug and Grace's jittery state, she assumes Grace is lesbian who has come out late in life. Salesgirl reveals this as they exchange pleasantries.

Grace is horrified. She awkwardly tries to concede that she has nothing against lesbians. She stammers that BTW, her husband is a full-blown homosexual who recently married his secret lover of 20 years! Well, ex-husband...

It's an ungraceful conversation for Grace.

Grace escapes to find Frankie, who is captivating a small group of young women with her knowledge about the history of vibrators. Not wanting to call any more attention to herself, Grace avoids the group. Instead, she turns and quietly peruses the inventory, She's about to exit and wait in the car, but on the way a sign catches her eye. "Self-pleasure? There's an app for that."

Grace (hesitantly, apologetically) re-engages the salesgirl: Uh, excuse, but do you have a brochure on, uh, this? (Points to the sign.)

Salesgirl (stifling a giggle because only old people ask for brochures): No, but you can find information and videos online.

Grace: Ugh, no thank you. I just cleaned up my unseemly browser history, so I no longer get porn ads.

Salesgirl: 0_0 blinks.

Grace (realizing this is her best chance and that she can't get more embarrassed than she is now): I've read patents about this kind of thing though.

Salesgirl: (confused look)

Grace (finishing her thought): Can you show me how it works?

Camera pulls away as Salesgirl pulls out her phone and she and Grace have an animated discussion, Frankie ambles over and joins in. There is oohing, aahing and laughter.