Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I'm reading: ChessTweet this!

And now, a cool link in honor of new reader/comment-poster Chessdad. The site is worth a peek even if you're not a chess fan. The friend who turned me on to this site described it as artificial intelligence, visualized.

You start out with a chess board set to play. You’ll notice the board has strange markings. They represent the influence of each chess piece. After you make your move, orange and green lines start moving across the board – hundreds of them! They reflect the software’s thought process. As it considers each move, it studies the possible outcomes. Then it selects the best scenario.

Happy Hanukwanzamas!

And if all this PC-holiday greeting stuff is getting to you, you might enjoy listening to this commentary piece from NPR: "Have a PC Holiday, Ancient Rome-Style"

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