Monday, December 26, 2005

Gifted Refugees

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The December issue of Chicago Parent magazine features my essay about my boys' new school, a private school for gifted children. I first visited the school a year ago because I felt compelled to explore options for my eldest son who was having trouble at public school. But really, even as I toured the place, I could not imagine ever sending my children there. We are just not private school people...or so I thought.

Ultimately we withdrew him from public school and it didn't take long to realize that at the private school we were among what one fellow parent called "the refugee population." Read the article here.

I've received several thoughtful and touching responses to the piece. I know I struck a nerve within the gifted community. Apparently I touched a few nerves outside of the gifted community as noted in the letter's section of Chicago Parent's January issue.

I'm flattered that my story has evoked a public response, even if the response itself is not so flattering. My gosh, she even mentioned my name!

I'm encouraging my friend, fellow blogger and school board member Jim McNelis to submit an essay standing up for all that is good and right about public education. You can read his Open Board Blog here.

My Chicago Parent piece also generated some discussion at the Gifted Exchange Blog of Genius Denied co-author Laura Vanderkam. Laura's book, written along with Jan and Bob Davidson, literally changed my life. It raised my awareness of the poor state of gifted education in this country. It enlightened me about the different levels of giftedness- something many teachers and school administrators (I speak from experience when I say this) are not clued into. The book also challenged my belief that Mr. Smartypants would be able get the education he not only deserved, but truly needed, without intervention on my part. Read my review of the book here.

Look for one more gifted post later this week.

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