Sunday, December 25, 2005

Time-Traveling Children

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With this being Christmas morning as well as the first night of Chanukah, I'm not the only one with gifts on my mind. However, at the moment my thoughts tend to academic gifts, not physical ones.

I was recently talking with a friend who also has deep-thinking/highly intelligent/out-of-the-box child. We were joking about the fact that our boys sometimes resemble the protagonist of Audrey Nieffenegger's book, The Time Traveler's Wife. Henry De Tamble has a "Chrono Displacement" disorder- at random times, he disappears and finds himself in the past or future. He visits his wife throughout her childhood, but he visits the past from different points in their future, so sometimes he appears to her as a young adult and sometimes as an older man.

Neither my friend nor I suspect our boys sneak away to travel through time, but we agree that they often appear to us at different ages. They may play like the 7 year-olds they are, tantrum intensely like 3 year-olds, settle in for an hour or two or reading like much older children, or ask deep, affected questions about the existence of humankind in the manner of an adult experiencing a mid-life crisis.

So I was especially pleased when I came across Life in the Asynchronous Family, by K. Kearney
. When your child is not mainstream, it's always affirming to know that you are not alone. It's comforting to learn that while the behavior you're experiencing may not be normal for the general population, it is to be expected for the little slice of the bell curve your child occupies. It's also helpful to get advice from folks who appreciate where you are coming from. More about this topic soon.

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chessdad64 said...

It's nice to see you back posting in the blogosphere. Your loyal readership has been waiting --- Isn't it nice to know you have yet another constiency out there counting on you?

Also, the Time Travellers Wife was one of my favorite reads of 2005.