Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Best Thing I've Hear All Day

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Last night we were doing some computer maintenance and I couldn’t access my blog. “But I want to post something new for the readers who are flocking to it!” I teased DH.

“Oh, you’ve got blog-flockers?” he teased back.

Blog-flockers, what a great word. Best thing I heard all day. I told him next time I was angry with him I’d call him a blog-flocker.

Go ahead; wrap your mouth around it. Blog-flocker. Blog-flocker. Imagine yourself driving the highway with a child or two along for the ride. Some jerk cuts you off. BLOG-FLOCKER! You scream.

I think this could catch on.

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jim mcnelis said...

you could get arrested in Germany for saying that I think ;) or is it Norway?