Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Glass is Half Empty

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Forget the pithy motivational new year's slogans. We in the Chicago area haven’t seen the sun in days, and it’s not only damp outside, but it’s damp in here too thanks to a certain family member who promised to get out of bed to pee last night, but alas did not. And, our 3 year-old GE refrigerator which has already broken down twice is making odd noises.

So today dear friends, the glass is half empty. This makes it the perfect time to tell you about As their name implies, they are not only the anti-motivators, but they put the fun in dysfunctional, too! I am usually more of a grin and chuckle person, but they have some products that make me laugh-out-loud.


Jane M. said...

"Demotivators"--yes. I've kept their catalogue for a few years now because everytime I look at it, it does my heart good.

It never seems to lose that edge for me. But then, I like "The Office," too.

jim mcnelis said...

Seems to be going around. Our 5-year old fridge went on the fritz a couple weeks ago. When I called Sears they offered me a 1-year warranty for 220 bucks. First I asked if the offer would still be good after they diagnosed the problem ;) Alas, no. But it paid off in the end (bad compressor = $$$).

Kim Moldofsky said...

I didn't know enough to do this the first time around, but the second time in broke down in 2005 I called my salesperson at where we bought it. They covered the repair cost. It's nice to know that they stand behind their products even when the manufacturer won't.

Anonymous said...

I think a truly creative mother would find a solution that combined fixing the refrigerator AND keeping your child dry through the night. Give it some thought.