Monday, January 02, 2006

Out with the Old, In with the New

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Welcome to 2006!

I rang in the New Year at 8:30 CST with DH and the boys and some friends and by 10:00 I tucked them all sleepy, snug and sound into bed. Then I got out my gi and headed to the dojo.

For the last few years my sensei has been holding a new year’s training from 11:30 – 12:30. It’s a fun, energizing and healthy way to face the new year. (Plus there’s sushi and cookies after.)

Last year at this time my arthritis was at its worst, but I still made it for midnight karate. It was important to me to train in the new year, but I think I might have popped some extra prednisone in order to do it. I know…that’s bad…very bad…

I’m still playing around with medication, though now under close supervision from my rheumatologist. When it comes to finding the right balance of meds one of my docs said, “it’s all voodoo.”

Unfortunately, for many of us chronics there is a lot of trial and error involved. As Paula Kamen describes in her excellent book, All in my Head (2005) the process of finding the right meds can take months or even years. For some it’s a never-ending process as the body adapts to certain meds and they lose their effectiveness over time.

Potential hair loss, liver damage and chronic diarrhea be damned, I started my new Rx today. My doc offered some reassurance, plus he reminded me that in an ideal world I would never need any medicines at all. But, I have a chronic disease that has far more potential for personal harm than do my meds.

When I opened the bottle I was pleased to find a month’s worth of attractively shaped pills—each emblazoned with a K (as in Kim-this is the medicine for you!). It’s been hours since I swallowed the pill and so far so good. It will take weeks, though, before I can tell if it’s working.

So I am in with the new. But as far as out with the old, what to do with my collection of pharmaceutical souvenirs from 2005? How about an outlet-Moldy’s Secondhand Meds visit our website at No I’m kidding. I’m saving them all; they’ll make a nice display in the Kim Museum.

On a related note, if laughter is the best medicine, check out this ad (pointed out to me by the dear editrix at

Happy New Year!

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jim mcnelis said...

hmmmm, gotta go get me some Panexa! ;) Your medicine cabinet comment reminded me of something else funny that I recently read:

Cowboys Are My Weakness