Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pornified, Part II

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Although my faithful blog-flocker, Jim, was the only one to leave a comment on my pornified entry many of my friends have shared amusing, or possibly troubling, stories about their very young boys. It appears that Mr. Smartypants isn’t the only boy just out of diapers who’s pined after images of attractive/scantily-clad women.

A friend told me that one issue of her husband’s industry trade magazine had an ad that captivated her young son so much that he snuck it up to his room and hid it under his bed. Days later she was unpleasantly surprised to see him showing off the ad to a friend during the morning carpool.

A bit closer to home I was cleaning under my boys’ beds over the weekend and came across The Art Book “an A to Z guide of 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times." I purchased the small paperback version of this book many years ago thinking it would be interesting (okay, educational) to review with the boys. From the first time he glimpsed it one particular boy was fascinated by Sigmar Polke’s Three Girls. This painting features three half-naked women wearing sharp-heeled boots stepping on a man. The Art Book describes the painting as “conventional fine art figures…transposed into soft porn.”

Why are they naked? Why are they stepping on him? My preschooler wanted to know.
Every time we took out The Art Book he’d become transfixed on his favorite image.

As I was cleaning under the boy’s bed today, along with many years worth of accumulated goodie-bag booty- super balls, key chains, a variety of small plastic crap and other “special” stuff, I found The Art Book with a bookmark in his favorite spot.

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