Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bah Lovebug

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I am happy to introduce to you HCD's first-ever guest blogger. And, surprise- our blogger is a man! Welcome Prescott Carlson, co-creator and editor of The Imperfect Parent. If you're looking for advice on a sticky parenting issue, well, keep searching, but if you're looking for some comic relief or honest toy reviews head on over.

In addition to his own witty take on parenting, the site has funny pieces from popular writers such as
Stacey Greenberg, the creator of the zine Fertile Ground: For People who Dig Parenting. On Feb. 28 Stacey and I will be participating in the Literary Mama Blog Book Tour-check back for details.

Heeeeere's Prescott!

Bah, Lovebug

I'll admit it -- I'm an absolute Scrooge when it comes to Valentine's Day.

Actually, any of the "forced-celebration-for-no-reason" holidays -- New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, et al, have absolutely no appeal to me. But for some reason Valentine's Day grates the most on my nerves out of the whole bunch.

I'm sure it has to do with the fact that I've been married for ten years. To me, Valentine's Day is for newly minted couples and young lovers -- those that need to confirm their adoration and passion through baubles, flowers, and expensive dinners. After a decade of waking up next to the same person, you start to discover a different level of affirmations -- a pleasant surprise here, an unspoken thought conveyed through a mere knowing look there. Gestures not as flamboyant as dropping $500 at Charlie Trotter's, but I would argue infinitely more meaningful.

Which is why we will probably spend tonight eating sloppy joes with the kids and snuggling on the couch watching "American Idol". (Before you pity my poor wife, you'll be happy to know that there may be such a thing as soul mates. I am in a relationship where both of us have forgotten our anniversary several times -- "Honey, what's the date today? July 12th? Oops, we did it again..." -- and she holds a similar disdain for Cupid and his Hallmark minions.)

So ladies, my plea to you on this day of the patron saint of lovers, if you've found yourself married to a man who gets up with the kids and keeps them quiet so you can sleep until noon, presents you with flowers upon returning from a trip to the grocery store, instinctively orders your favorite when bringing home Chinese take-out -- in other words, all the stuff needed to maintain a happy, harmonious household -- cut him some slack if a 2 dozen rose bouquet doesn't show up on your doorstep.

And for you guys who don't do these things and have a partner that looks forward to Valentine's Day just so you'll do something damn romantic for a change, step up to the plate, will ya? It will take a lot of pressure off of the rest of us.

Prescott Carlson is the co-creator and editor of The Imperfect Parent. His name has appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, Harper's and Parenting magazine.
Right there on the subscription label.

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prescott said...

We did indeed wind up having sloppy joes and watching AI (those singing cowboys were hilarious!).

Thanks for inviting me, Kim, it was fun!