Friday, February 17, 2006

Guest Blogger: Eleonora di Liscia

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We were taking about friends last night, Mr. Smartypants and I. He gets along well with his peers and is included in playground games and whatnot, but he so longs for a best friend. I have to admit I was a bit saddened the couple of times I've shown up for lunchroom duty only to find him eating alone. I made the mistake of mentioning this to my mother, who practically broke down in tears when I told her. Not wanting to turn my (my mother's?) issues into my child's issue, I checked in with him and his teachers and the general consensus was that he didn’t seem too bothered about dining solo. In other words, don't meddle.

But we all want friends… don’t we? My friend Eleonora di Liscio shares a story of bravery and friendship below. It's a nice piece to share with your young ones. (And then come back here and leave a comment to share their thoughts!)


By Eleonora di Liscia

The Brave Girl did NOT chase a lion away from camp, thereby saving everyone inside from becoming lion lunch.

The Brave Girl did NOT pull a family's pet rabbit out of a burning house.

The Brave Girl did NOT climb a mountain.

And she didn't fly a rocket ship to the moon.

The Brave Girl did NOT lead a team of scientists on an expedition to Antarctica.

Nor did she travel under the sea inside a giant bubble to study Anglerfish.

The Brave Girl did NOT walk a tightrope at the circus.

So what, might you ask, did the Brave Girl do?

When the neighborhood children wrestled me to the ground on the crosswalk, pulled my hair and stole my shoe, the Brave Girl handed me back my shoe.

When I sat alone in the lunchroom cafeteria while carrots sailed over my head, the Brave Girl asked if she could join me.

When the kids at school threw wet mud at me, the Brave Girl handed me a towel.

When every girl in class except me was invited to Jessica Lee's house to play marbles, the Brave Girl came to my house and she brought an extra big bag of marbles with my favorite shade of turquoise.

But the bravest thing the Brave Girl did is when no one else would be one, the Brave Girl was my friend.

Eleonora di Liscia is the mother of a 10 year old daughter, Bridget. When not writing and parenting, she is a real estate and estate planning attorney. I feel compelled to add that she's also a magical baker and has written some wickedly funny satires about community happenings.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention that she couldn't have diamonds, so she settled for coal, and how in the world does an Ann Arbor native go from wanting to being a magazine editor to becoming a lawyer, barred in WI, yet? Truly amazing! -- Grasshopper