Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Rachel

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My friend Rachel just turned 40. Her plan to take her many friends to the Baja Peninsula to celebrate never came to fruition—something about really liking us, but not wanting to go into debt for us. Instead, she had one heck of a party at her house last night.

I think it's great the way many of my friends (did I mention they are a bit older than me?) are embracing 40. 40 is the new 30, right? Or did the Baby Boomers decide that 60 is the new 30? Either way, it seems there are likely to be many productive years ahead.

As optimistic as our crowd is, Rachel's party had one rather foreboding moment: her cake was carefully topped with the requisite forty candles and after they were all lit, they set off the smoke alarm!

(Note: Rachel gave me permission to share this story; be assured that she's laughing with us.)


jim mcnelis said...

Baja Peninsula - I like their burritos! ;)

Kim Moldofsky said...

Well, that does get me thinking. Even with two kids in private school I just might be able to afford to treat my friends to Baja Fresh. Ethel's Chocolate Lounge is more my speed though.