Monday, February 13, 2006

Keeping Warm on Valentine's Day

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How are couples keeping warm this Valentine's Day?

Well, according to a slick mailer and product sample I received from the folks who make K-Y Gel, couples across the country will be staying warm--and steaming up the windows with the help of K-Y Warming Ultra-gel.

Wait, did I say I received this? It came to my house, but in the name of one of my sisters-in-law.

This is not the first time K-Y has tried to ease itself into new markets. Read an old article on the topic here.

On a related note, I have a mom-friend who swears, that the Sybaris, one of those upscale "love hotels" that rents rooms in 4-hour blocks of time, has done wonders for her marriage. She raves about it so much that when we received a postcard from the establishment that would save 20% the "afternoon rate" I had almost dropped my reservations about making a reservation. But then I turned the postcard over…and saw that it was addressed to my 65 year-old neighbors! (Hey, that's my second sexagenarian joke this year.)

I once heard that private investigators stake out the parking lot of the Sybaris because it's a fertile ground for people having affairs. So when I saw this headline at Yahoo this morning, I thought it tied my blog entry together nicely.

I'd better get going. A few minutes ago I was asking DH what happened to our special little sample item, but he might have had the idea that I wanted to do more than just blog about it....

Happy Valentine's Day!

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