Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Welcome Babes and D-CUPSS!

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Welcome to all the babes who are stopping by after reading my essay, Waking to my Grandmother's Hands, over at Chronicbabe is an upbeat and inspiring website for young women with chronic illness. Not that I'm so young anymore. In fact, a co-worker recently referred to me (my witticisms actually) as "too cute." I told my 25 year-old co-worked that cute is for women under 30 and over 70. What do you think?

As for the D-CUPSS, these are the Downtown Citizens United to Procure Starbucks in Skokie, a group of ample-breasted women who'd like to see a thriving coffee shop in our "revitalizing" downtown area. Actually we're not all large-chested. Okay, there's not even an official group, just a bunch of people yapping about wanting a coffee shop.

Downtown Skokie has hosted a few indie coffee shops in the past, but in my experience they were often lacking in some combination of service, quality, consistency or cleanliness. I think the Starbucks at the Skokie Swift Station provides all of these things (plus insurance benefits for part-time workers—something that is often too expensive for indies to provide). Why not try to get one in the downtown area? What is this rumor of the area being demographically undesirable?

I am also a fan of the Skokie Swift Starbucks because they are hosting the first-ever Hormone-Colored Days Happening (and possibly the first official meeting of D-CUPSS). Please join me and some other local writers/bloggers for an afternoon of culture, coffee and fun!

Sunday, March 5
Skokie Swift Starbucks


jim mcnelis said...

Last summer they even opened one over by us - at Main and McCormick! No longer do we have to emerge from our caves and wander aimlessly and endlessly for liquid edification. We are blessed with the beacon of civilization! We drag our loin-clothed bodies and dirty tangled children with us and consume the robust and earthy elixirs.

Or something like that. Yes, Starbucks is not bad at all.

Kim Moldofsky said...

The problem with the Starbucks you mention is that it is in Evanston whereas a downtown Starbucks would put some of their coffee profits into the coffers of my forsaken Skokie school district.

jim mcnelis said...

That's my girl, still wavin' the public school flag ;) Does the TIFF divert new revenue or has that expired?