Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Giving up on Public Education at MOMbo

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This week Nanci Olesen is featuring my essay, "Giving up on Public Education," at her fun and interesting mama-centric site, If you've just hopped over from MOMbo- welcome; my December archives contain several gifted-related entries that may interest you. And if you'd like info on a couple of upcoming Chicago-area seminars on gifted issues contact me at

I should note that I had titled the piece "Private Thoughts on Gifted Education," but it was renamed by an editor when it appeared last December in Chicago Parent magazine. I have to admit the new title is more eye-catching, but I have not given up on all public education. It's a great concept! Unfortunately most public schools, especially in the days of No Child Left Untested, lack resources to focus on children who are at the high-performing end of the bell curve. I'll revisit gifted issues on my blog in the coming weeks.

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