Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Kinder, Gentler Big Brother

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I knew my boys ran amok at the recent Happening, but I was unpleasantly surprised when, days later, they told me they'd been playing hide-and-seek at Starbucks and using the men's restroom as a prime hiding spot (Jim's daughter sure couldn't get them in there). Playing any game in public restrooms is totally uncool. It's not the germs I worry about as much as the potential for some creepy pervert to find them there.

DH is so much better than I am at calmly and rationally talking over sensitive issues such as this. As I was fumbling through a review of why we don't play in public restrooms, I got a bit more explicit than I intended to because every comment of mine led to more questions from the boys. I stumbled along until seven year-old Smartypants interjected, explaining it all to his five year-old brother: "Splinter, if a man came in and showed you his penis and told you to touch it, don't do it! It would be a bad trick because if you do it then he'll sue you for touching him!"

Oddly, this seemed to stress the seriousness of the situation and pretty much put an end to the conversation.

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