Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stop Scrotal Warming!

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My friend Jim recently posted on the one laptop per child initiative. I commented that perhaps this idea is part of a conspiracy to render our young boys infertile and control world population. I was joking, sort of. I recalled vague reports of laptops and their potential negative consequences for their male uses. So I checked in with Dr. Google. What I learned is that according to research from late 2004 "this topic warrants further study."

My fears are not totally unfounded. I thought there were some damaging waves or rays that might cause harm. I contemplated purchasing a lead apron (like one dons for x-rays) to wear for laptop use. I'd have to come up with some kind of cool name and rationale. "It keeps you from cookin' while you surf!" And I considered what would ultimately be more damaging and costly- frying their nads or the years of therapy that it would take to get over being forced to wear a lead apron while engaging in one of their favorite activities?

Turns out though, according to the preliminary research, the problem is the potential damage caused by heat generated by the laptop when it is actually placed on a man's lap. Forget about global warming, in the tech age we need to be concerned about scrotal warming if we want grandchildren.


jim mcnelis said...

You're not kidding! Awhile ago back in the dark ages - when creating offspring seemed to be a problem - I received advice from a trusted medical source to make the switch to boxers. Something about better heat dissipation. Now we've got 3 runts running around the house make the call.

I have heard/read about similar concerns about cellphones (is it the radiation or magnetic fields?). I sure hope this is a fluke, otherwise that phone that's always in my front pocket is silently killing me. Yes, indeed that IS a rocket in my pocket, a nuclear one!

Erik Mann said...

another great blog...erik