Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Heading to the Heartland

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I'm headed to the heartland- Heartland Spa, that is . I'm scheduled to be one of their featured speakers later this month. My presentation topic is Putting Yourself on the List. Think about your to-do list. How many items on it have to do with your kids/spouse/job/school/volunteer commitments and how items are related to you? Do you take time out to recharge and replenish? Consider joining me for the weekend at the spa.

Ideally this would be an annual gig, but life sometimes gets in the way. In fact, a few years back I was scheduled and had my bags all packed, when both DH and Splinter, who was not quite one year-old, started coming down with colds. DH was a sport. He knew how much I as looking forward to a chance to use my professional skills, and enjoy a child-free overnight sojourn (complete with massage) so he insisted I go. I appreciated his support, but of course there was that neon flashing "guilt" sign hanging above my head.

I called a good friend for guidance. She's like my Oracle- I value her opinion and trust her wisdom and insight. "Go," she told me. "By all means go if your husband says it's okay. Just go. It's not like he takes off work to stay home when YOU feel a bit under the weather." After her pep talk I felt better. I felt empowered. The neon guilt sign has fizzled out. I was going to the Heartland and I was going to enjoy my work, the meals and the spa services.

I hung up the phone and just as I started to do a little victory dance Splinter, who'd been in my arms throughout the phone conversation, promptly threw up all over me. It was a sign. I did not go.

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