Monday, April 17, 2006

The Heartland Spahhhh

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I'm back from an incredibly relaxing weekend at the Heartland Spa. I won't bore you with details of my massage or exercise classes, walks in the country, or time soaking in the hot tub, but I will say that their staff members put the ahhh in spa.

My workshop was a hit. I am more of facilitator than a speaker. As they say in the trade, I'm the guide on the side rather than the sage on the stage. Rather than a lecture on goal-setting, I created a safe and open space for helping participants reflect and develop personal goals. How often in the midst of carpools and the daily grind do you think about things like that?

"Goals? I can't even have a conversation!" I told a friend when my boys were three and five. I told a friend when my boys were three and five. Finding time to think about goals is no small task. Well, maybe you're not like me. Maybe, even with kids in your care, you are very directed and goal-oriented. Maybe you're a list maker to the extent that your write down items on your list even if you've already accomplished them, just so you have the satisfaction of crossing them off. Hmmm?

But there are no carpools and the Heartland Spa, there are no diapers to change, stories to read (except maybe the novel you've been trying to get to). There are no meals to prepare or dishes to clean, so why not think about where you're headed in life?

I didn't bring paper and pens so the participants could write goal lists and objectives. Instead, I brought loads of old magazines, posterboard, stickers, markers, scissors and glue sticks and invited them to create Treasure Maps-visualizations of their goals and ambitions. Treasure Maps are fun and powerful goal-setting/motivation tools.

By all means, try this at home. Create that time and space for yourself. Sometime in the next few months I'm going to offer a Treasure Map workshop closer to home (maybe even in my home). But for now, I'm working on throwing together a little Spelling Bee at the local Starbucks for the boys, their school pals and assorted friends in early May. This was not something I'd included on my Treasure Map, but the idea was sparked by something I read over the weekend. I'll write more about it later this.

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Cynthia Gallaher said...

Like your multi-media approach to goal-setting. I'm presenting a journal writing overview at the Heartland Spa in June. It's my second year there and I love the place and the people. What a wonderful place to escape to.