Monday, April 10, 2006

Laundry Room Follies

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"Honey?" I call to DH from the laundry room. "Are you having an affair…with a man?"

Even though he's in another room, I can tell he is rolling his eyes as he gives the standard response, "Why do you ask dear?"

"There's an unusual pair of men's underwear in here. Unusual in that I've never seen them before. And they are brand-new."

"I picked them up when I was out shopping with Splinter," he tells me. "I do that sometimes," he adds defensively.

Yeah, like once a decade. Sometimes nothing more than a waistband and a few loose threads come between him and his Calvins. He generally believes his underwear is good to the last molecule. Do you think Fruit of the Loom might want to adopt that as its new slogan?

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