Friday, April 28, 2006

Mother's Day Gifts, Part I

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We just got a not-so-helpful flyer from Circuit City reminding the family that Mother's Day is fast approaching. The mailer features a two-page spread on the Top 21 Tech Toys for Mom. The mind reels with possibilities, but frankly, I suspect that many moms would love decidedly low-tech (and low-cost) gifts like extra help around the house or assistance with the kids. Let's take a closer look at this just for fun. I'll follow up in a few days with a list of my own.

They offer a couple of items under $50 for the budget-minded gift giver. However, these items- a heart rate monitor ($33.99) and a pedometer/calorie counter ($19.99)- also send the message that maybe Mommy has let herself go and there's a just little too much of her to love. The giver is sure to be treading dangerous waters with these presents. If indeed Mommy needs a bit more exercise get her a membership to a gym that provides childcare or volunteer to watch the kids for a couple of hours each weekend so she can go out for a walk or bike ride.

There's a Portable Global Positioning Satellite ($149). Who are we kidding? This gadget has dad written all over it. I've yet to hear a woman pine for GPS technology. Men, on the other hand, have actual conversations about gadgets like this.

They also have 1 Gig of Portable Memory ($69.99). Extra memory-what mom couldn't use that! Oh, never mind, it's one of those portable "jump drives" for the computer. And it's the kind of tiny technology that is easily lost or misplaced. That brings me to the Handheld Organizer ($99). Like the assignment notebook of our youth, it helps the user keep track of a myriad of details- schedules, phone numbers, and other important items. Last year I bought a 10 x 12 notebook (not a notebook computer. No, I got the kind you write in with an actual pen). Why? Because a large notebook won't get lost at the bottom of my bag, get left in the pocket of the jacket I wore two weeks ago or secretly slip between the car seats or couch cushions.

The Camcorder would be nice, but at $999, it's a bit pricey. "Sorry kids, it's back to public school for you. Daddy blew your tuition deposit on Mommy's gift. He sold out your future for my present." Honestly, if your devoted life partner is going to spend that much on your present I'm guessing that you already own a decent video camera.

I'm not going to go through every item. Let me just say that if this flyer comes to your house shred it and get it to the recycling bin before the men or boys in your house buy into the message that mom really wants expensive high tech toys on her special day. C'mon guys what we really want is love, respect, and appreciation for all we do to keep our families and homes from becoming dysfunctional wrecks.

A sonnet might be nice, too. Check out this recent piece by Garrison Keillor (you will have to watch a brief ad to enter the site without a membership).

Stay tuned for Mother's Day Part II.

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