Saturday, April 08, 2006


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So much to blog, so little time. This is especially true now that the spring sport season has begun and we add a couple of soccer (for the older) and t-ball (for the younger) practices and birthday parties into the mix.

Yesterday, I played the role of Supermom, waking at 5:00 to fulfill my promise of fresh-baked cinnamon bread for Mr. Smartypant's class (what was I thinking?), showing up at school at 11:00 as the dutiful and smiling lunchroom volunteer, doing a few loads of laundry, preparing goodie bags, and finally, last night, writing the names of 20 children on individual marshmallows (don't ask) in preparation for today's birthday extravaganza.

It is a sign of the times that the bag of marshmallows comes with a safety warning. That's right, cut them into pieces for children under six and for older kids just eat one at a time. It's no laughing matter, really. Someone asked me if we'd be playing the game where you stuff your mouth full of as many marshmallows as possible and I looked at her like they were nuts. Did she not hear about the nearby 5th grader who died playing this very game a few years back? This is no urban myth. It really happened. Very sad.

I mentioned in my previous post that when my child threw up all over me I realized I could not go away on my planned business/pleasure trip. I saw it as a sign. I'm not totally superstitious, but I so sometime lean that way- trying to find a bigger message from the universe in everyday occurrences. So what did it mean when I spotted the first robin of spring outside my house the other day and it was dead?

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