Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tammy does Trashmore

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My friend Tammy is training hard for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's upcoming fund and attention-raising hike in June. She signed on to honor the memory of her father who died of lymphoma-related causes over a year ago. Like Hercules and his twelve labors, each weekend she tackles a big physical task and sends her friends and updates.

Here's last week's:

This week I planned an alternate to the group walk, and it
turned out great. Instead of going back to Tekakwitha in Elgin
(wooden bridge, 1st time wearing my boots) with the rest of the group,
I stayed close to home and some friends joined me for part of the walk.

The nearest hill to my house is Mount Trashmore in James Park in Evanston.
A former trash dump converted to a sledding hill, Mt. Trashmore is
about five stories high and maybe 80-100 feet to the top. If you
recall your geometry from a thousand years ago you can get a picture
of how steep it is, A squared + B squared = C squared.

I walked in boots and half full back pack to the hill (2 1/2 miles),
climbed the hill four times with Laura and Rachel
(about a mile plus incline), then walked about 3 miles along the
Northside Channel through the Skokie Sculpture Park, passed a house I
just sold, then on to Evanston Hospital. We estimated 6.7 miles in
all. R and J were there waiting for me with hot soup, a hunk
of bread, and a ride home! I must admit to missing out on the
endorphin rush this time as I napped deeply for three hours after arriving at home. Perhaps I experienced it in my dreams.

I've also been lifting weights more regularly coached by Jesse. I'm
using the five pound iron hand weights that I believe were my Dad's.
They used to rest in the TV room in Woodmere, next to the reclining
chair. Now they rest under my coffee table in my living room until
Sergeant J reminds me to use them.

I'm toying with the idea of having a major yard sale to raise the rest
of the money, about $500. I'll keep those close by posted on this as
donations of saleable items would be welcome. We'll see.

I'll be walking along the Atlantic Ocean next Saturday. I hear the
tradition after walking in Long Beach is to bagel (yes, a verb).
It'll be Passover, but maybe I'll get to see several walkers/bagellers
at the usual time at the usual place on the boardwalk (if my flight time allows).

Thanks again for all of your support,

If you still want to donate, please donate on-line here.

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