Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I lost 36 pounds!

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I lost 36 pounds! The weight came from my basement. No, this is not some metaphor for my hips or thighs (if only…); I lost weight in my basement because I finally convinced the resident kids to part with their old toddler toys. Many items went to a children's resale shop, but this garnered a pittance. Still, the overall equation looks something like this:

Spiderman Kiddy Scooter $6.00
Toddler Workbench with Tools $5.00
Little Tykes Car/Train Set $3.00

Clean Basement: Priceless

Later that day I took the so-called worthless toys along with some household items to a charity resale shop. And we piled up the sizeable Rescue Heroes collection for a baby cousin. (Splinter said he might play with them again, but only on the condition that they are called the UNrescue Heroes and all take on Bad Guy roles).

Hmmm. Maybe I lost more like 80 pounds!

A friend of my told me that cleaning out one's basement is the Feng Shui equivalent of an enema. Yeah, kind of a conversation stopper, isn't it? I can't really speak to my friend's comment, but I will say that getting rid of all that useless crap has left me feeling rather energized.

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