Monday, May 01, 2006

It's Game Day! Who's on First?

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Who's on first? It's hard to see behind the cloud of dust he's kicking up.

What's on second? There's a collapsed lump of a child hunched over scratching his name in the dirt.

I don't know is on third studying the airplane flying overhead.

The batter has stepped out of the box. "My butt itches," he yells to his puzzled coach.

After taking care of business he's back in the game. He puts so much energy into his swing that after missing the ball he spins around like a ballerina. On his next try he knocks the ball off the tee and runs for base…third base. After some help from coach he heads to first. He's safe! He rounds the base and makes it to second because the left fielder was busy picking dandelions and didn't notice the ball.

I appreciate my boys learning to play baseball in a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere, but when it comes to instructional league T-ball, the T stands for tedious.

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