Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's a Girl?

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For the duration of my pregnancy with Splinter, my snuggable younger boy, I was sure I was having a girl. Well, I did have this one powerful dream in which I had a boy, but I put that aside. We did not find out the sex of the baby from medical tests; I was just sure in that way a person just knows something.

When he was born, before the doctor even had a chance to make The Announcement, DH blurted out, with a bit of annoyance, "Kim, we have another son." He was not annoyed at our lovely new family member; rather, he was annoyed with me. I had convinced him that I had superintuitive, somewhat mystical feminine powers, but clearly I'm just an ordinary gal.

Here are some scenes from our boy house:

Splinter at age three: Will you get me a real gun for Chanukah? (This from a boy raised in a house free of even fake weapons.)

Same boy at age four: Somewhere between listening to XTC's "The Man who Murdered Love" and Van Morrison's "Real, Real Gone" both of which mention cupid, he asked if Cupid ever uses a gun instead of a bow and arrow. When I told him no, he let out a deep, disappointed sigh.

Age 5: He came home from school with a worksheet asking him to compare and contrast a butterfly and a bird. Compare: they both fly; contrast: one is easier to smoosh.

Tomorrow I'll be bringing you a review of Andrea J. Buchanan's latest book, It's a Girl, as part of her Blog Book Tour. As the mother of two boys, I was a bit intimidated this book, an anthology on raising daughters. I enjoyed it just fine, but felt unqualified to blog on it. I recruited my talented good friend and mother of three girls, Laura Friedlander, to share her thoughts. The Girl book definitely resonated with her! Stop back here tomorrow to read her comments.

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