Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Restaurant Show Excitement and Stuff to Read

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Imagine yourself at an all-you-can eat buffet that stretches on for miles—that's the Restaurant Show- where I spent my day yesterday. Thanks goodness for the elastic wasitband. (Or maybe curse it). I will post later this week about food trends. Plus, the kiddos are going report their opinions on some samples I was able to snag.

The oddest and most exciting thing happened while I was waiting in line to try MooBella, customized ice-cream from a vending machine. Keep in mind this is a show attended by 30-50 thousand people. I heard these guys in line speaking Hebrew and when I turned to look at them, one of them seemed familiar. I checked his name badge and, sure enough, I worked on his kibbutz for a month back in 1990. In addition to growing crops, this kibbutz is involved in some light industry as well as foodservice design. My parents actually hosted this man and a few of his colleagues about 15 years ago when they last attended the restaurant show. It was a fun reunion and hopefully we will see him and his family again!

Check out Anne Lamott's 5/22 essay at Salon.com about her teen son (must watch an ad first if you're not a subscriber). I'm already missing my little boys when I read this. (Also check out Ariel Gore's book on raising a teen daughter, Whatever, Mom.)

And today salon features an article about http://www.momsrising.org/ that's also worth a peek.

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