Tuesday, May 09, 2006

T-Ball Revisited

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A few photos below illustrate my earlier T-ball thoughts.

I left something out of my earlier parody- the third base coach wearing his Bluetooth [or, as we like to call them, cancer magnets (of course this is based on intuition, not fact…at least not yet on fact)].

Why is the dad at third base wearing his cell phone a-go-go? DH thinks it's so he can discuss secret strategies with the coach at first, but instructional league t-ball only involves three basic strategies: hit the ball, run, or throw the ball. (I suppose there is a fourth strategy related to catching, but that's largely theoretical for these youngsters.) Is the dad a CIA operative? Was he waiting for an important call? Hot business deal? Awaiting news that his wife has just given birth while to another child while he's out on the field with number one son? Or maybe he just forgot to put it in his pocket. I think it's a sign of this era's blurring boundaries. One is rarely just at work or playing the role of devoted parent. It seems like we're always struggling to be everywhere at once thanks to modern technology. Or should that be no thanks to modern technology?

Back to T-ball. I'm thinking it might be a bit more interesting to watch these little boys run around if their t-shirts were emblazoned with Hormone-colored Days on the back. Maybe I'll sponsor a team next year- or at least try to- I'm not sure how the powers that be (mostly, if not all, dads) will react.

I very much wanted to play baseball as a child, but girls were not allowed. So when I saw the little sister of one of the players show up with this, I was in awe. I would have taken a picture but she was mid-tantrum and it seemed like an awkward time to introduce myself to her mom and all. For those of you who aren't up for clicking on the link, it shows a pink and purple baseball mitt. A decade ago I would have been annoyed at the sports company's reinforcing girly stereotypes, but from this veteran mom's perspective, I can see that they are offering what many girls desire in a baseball glove. Yes, Virginia, you can play baseball and, by the way, Santa Clause brought you a pink mitt!

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