Friday, May 05, 2006

What a Mom Wants, Part II

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Yeah, yeah. We want love, appreciation, respect, and all that, but a token of that great stuff is nice too. Here are a few gifts to consider for those who are not the *bling* type.

Mombo CD set, or for the very budget conscious, give the resident mom some time and quiet space to listen to the 2006 MOMbo Mother's Day special on the local NPR affiliate. Click here for times.

Consider buying a good mom read such as Mothers Who Think, Operating Instructions, Mother Shock, Literary Mama, or a gift that keeps on giving like Brain, Child Magazine.

Another gift that keeps on giving is soap handcrafted by the women at The Enterprising Kitchen (If you're like me you'll have to push back thoughts of the movie Fight Club in order to best enjoy these products.)

How about sending mom for a massage followed by a couple of hours of free time so she can relish her relaxed state? Even better, do the dishes and clean the house while she's gone so she returns to a sparkling home.

What's your favorite Mother's Day gift? Everyone who leaves a comment or contacts me at will get a special something from the big mama at hormone-colored days.

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