Monday, June 12, 2006

The Blog of Dead Birds

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I'm no forensic ornithologist, but I'm pretty sure something weird is happening because I just found my third dead bird of spring.

DH has a few ideas on the topic of dead birds. Maybe our crotchety old neighbor is filling his birdbath with toxic chemicals. He suggests I take on the hobby of dead-bird-watching. I sort of am doing this, by default.

I called the village Animal Control thinking they would want to test the bird for West Nile or, yikes, Bird Flu. How great would that be- the first known case of avian flu in the USA, right outside my front door. Hello--that's sarcasm! Can you imagine what being the epicenter for bird flu would do to property values?! Animal Control did not want to test it, but they were willing to "collect" and "deposit" our former feathery friend.

Once, when Smartypants was three, we encountered a lifeless bird that had tried to fly into a garage window (there's natural selection for ya). We (okay, I) decided we should say a prayer for it, so God would know that someone recognized the life of this poor creature. I thought I had it on my computer, but, I can’t find it. However, I did find the eulogy he wrote for his great grandma when he was five and one for our pet fish that he dictated when he was almost seven. That pitiful fish committed suicide, right in front of my eyes, but that's a story for another day.

Eulogy for Great Grandma Moldofsky:
It’s sad when people die. It’s like when birds and beautiful animals die.
It’s sad. Every week on Shabbat we called her on the phone and said the prayers on the phone for her. I sometimes repeated words for her; like when she says I love you, I say I love you too. One time I watched a kid show on TV in her apartment and I went pee there. And I drank orange juice there. One time we ate out at a restaurant with her. She was special.

For the No-Name, the fish:
Dear God, Our Creator,
Thank you for letting us afford things like pets and letting us be rich in love.
And for letting our animals and pets live long enough for them to be a memory to us.

I can't end this post without a link to the website of Gayle Brandeis, author of The Book of Dead Birds (much deeper and meaningful than my meandering thoughts).

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