Friday, June 16, 2006

Fudd-yuckers and Other Potty Tales

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We are in the Wisconsin Dells, home of the world's most dense concentration of oversized and outrageous waterparks. We are with my extended family and everyone is having an insanely good time even though we've not yet dipped so much as a toe in the water.

On the drive up we stopped for lunch at Fuddrucker's, a hamburger chain. After ordering, DH hit the bathrooms and returned to our table with a report that a staff member had been in there with him and the guy was going to leave the washroom without washing! DH commented to the employee how inappropriate and disgusting the guy's actions were. The minimum wage burger-flipper then washed his hands and returned to the kitchen and spit on our food. (This is only a guess, of course, and I think he turned out to be more of a busboy, anyway.)

Later, when an employee who was making the rounds checked in on us, I asked to speak with the manager. Just a moment later this 12 year-old kid comes over and introduces himself as the guy in charge. It's likely he was just a very young-looking 20something, but hardly the picture of authority. (Or am I just getting old?) He promised us that he will raise the issue at future staff meetings. "It's not just about good hygiene; it's the law!"

After the meal, when I made a quick stop to the ladies room I was taken aback by how clean and tasteful the room was. I almost wished I had a baby to breastfeed so I'd have an excuse to hang out in the comfy chairs by the fake fireplace. I found another excuse to linger, though. As I was about to leave an employee walked in and I felt compelled to stick around to see if she washed her hands. Thankfully, she did without any obvious glares or comments from me.

We'll likely return to Fudd-yuckers, but only because DH bought this gift card that came with a $5 bonus card that we now feel compelled to use. Plus, I have to see if all Fudd-yuckers have bathrooms that are equally fancy.

DH taught the boys not to touch things in public restrooms. Splinter has perfected this to such an art that he is able to pee hands-free and flush with his elbow. Of course, then he insists he has no need to wash his hands because he has not touched anything.

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