Monday, June 26, 2006

Virtual Art Fair

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Although they'd pretty much always prefer to be running wild in the park, at six and eight years-old, the boys are starting to take some interest in art fairs. And Smartypants has figured out a way to appreciate them on the cheap. Rather than make purchases, he simply collects the artists' business cards.

After much greedy card-grabbing we made a rule that the boys must ask the artist about their work and engage in at least a bit of a conversation rather than running from tent to tent collecting cards.

Here's a rundown of their favorite artists (favorite being anyone kind enough to hand over a card). Think of it as the Hormone-colored Days Virtual Art Fair

From the Jewish Folk Arts Festival: (a family favorite) (click on the display onthe right side that explains crystal kinetic art)

From Evanston's Fountain Square Art Fair: (not so artsy, but fun ginormous hula hoops that really work!) (After he explained the raku process to us we bought...a raku card holder!)

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