Saturday, July 29, 2006

DH tells me to forget about my old eggs

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Actually according to the posts on Craiglist, my eggs are a bit old for others too. Couples are willing to pay several thousands of dollars to egg donors- and I'm always looking for creative ways to finance private school tuition- but I'm too old and unhealthy to meet the criteria. *sigh*

The eggs that DH are telling me to forget are not safely tucked inside of me, but are sitting in a box in the basement. I've got a bucketful left over from my former life leading corporate team building programs. When the boys were a mere one and three years old, we made the drive from Chicago to Florida and I'd filled the eggs with all sort of goodies: a sticker here, some goldfish there, and every time we hit a rest stop (which was quite often with a three year-old) they'd get one. They were also dispensed along the way as rewards for good behavior.

The eggs were a huge hit. We actually had a pleasant ride down, thanks in part to my careful planning, the eggs and many other goodies dispensed along the way. (I hadn't saved any treats for the return trip and after a week of being off typical nap and meal schedules, this portion of the trip was pure hell.)

We are preparing for our next major drive, a ten-hour trip down south, sans DVD player, Gameboy and other electronic devices, so I am once again prepping my eggs. DH thinks the boys have outgrown them, but they've actually told me how much they are looking forward to their little surprises. It's nice to know somebody wants my eggs.

Also, while I was preparing for my workshop at the Heartland Spa earlier this year, I came across a great article in an old issue of Family Fun magazine on tips for road trips. I was surprised when I saw it was written by best-selling author Jodi Picoult. I don't think of famous or well-known writers, actors, etc. dealing with the mundane aspects of life like the rest of us. Do you?