Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finally, a Blue-Tooth we like and other pharmacy updates

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First, I should make it clear that I am not nor do I intend to ever set up a meth lab. I'd hate to see someone take my comments out of context, especially since I went to a different local CVS (this one does not lock up their condoms, FYI) and bought some cough and cold medicine for Splinter, who is getting sick just in time for our 12-hour road trip. I started to get paranoid. Will my actions arouse the suspicion of some concerned bureaucrat? Hmm, he will think. Why is this woman buying cold medications all over Chicagoland? The bureaucrat will Google me and find the statement on my blog about spoiled plans for my lab and sic The Man on me.

Well, let me tell you about spoiled plans. We rerouted our trip due to the Indiana sniper. Who'da thunk?

And as far as getting busted...well, when Smartypants was a toddler we did the timeout thing, but he had some intense tantrums and did not take to well to the timeout (or any discipline for that matter). In a calm moment we explained to Smartypants that when he had his "alone time" for timeout, we would not come to him unless it was an emergency, like he was hurt (or timeout ended, of course). Sure enough, during his next alone time he started at yelling at top volumes: I'm bleeding! I can't breathe! (We fell for the bleeding thing once, maybe twice, just to be sure). Thankfully, our elderly neighbor, whose window is just feet from Smartypants' room, is hard of hearing. You know what they say about toddlerhood as a portent for adolescence? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Blue Tooth we like is Listerine's Agent Cool Blue Plaque-detecting Rinse (renamed by the boys). It's like those red tablets from our youth that stick to plaque to aid in better brushing. Splinter deems the bubble gum-flavored rinse "too spicy" while Smartypants finds it tolerable, but not pleasant. Still, he used it an extra time today in order to impress this evening's babysitter.

Between packing, road-tripping and ongoing computer woes I won't be posting much in the coming week or so, but definitely pop back in later this month.

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