Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My twins?

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"We got this for our birthday," said Splinter, holding up a CD as the boys sorted through their computer games this morning.

Later over lunch, Smartypants relates a tale: "Remember when we were five years old and..."

I cut him off. "What are you talking about?! You guys are 25 months apart. You know that when you were five, he was three. You were not five year-olds at the same time."

Smartypants is a slight eight year-old, hanging out at the bottom of the growth charts, whereas Splinter holds his own around the 50% mark. For several years the boys have maintained a two inch and two pound difference. Strangers routinely ask if they are twins. I am tempted to roll my eyes and say they are 11 months apart, just to see the reaction.

They often get lumped together out of sheer convenience. If they can be, for example, in the same swim class at the same time, that's one less carpool for me. I sometimes wonder if we should make more efforts to separate them, but then I go back to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy. They are pretty happy together (when they are not beating each other up).

Despite sometimes lapsing into twinspeak and eagerly sharing a bedroom, they are differentiating themselves over time. Last spring Splinter chose to play t-ball, while Smartypants stuck with soccer. This summer Splinter chose to start violin lessons, while Smartypants continues learning piano. The violin thing is interesting because it's probably the only area in which Splinter can outperform his older brother. (And even more interesting, the older brother is trying to convince us that Splinter should abandon violin for piano.)

Do you have any stories about being lumped together with your siblings? Have you been scarred for life or did the shared experiences strengthen your lifelong bonds?

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