Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Essay in Chicago Parent and Scrambled CAKE

I'm reading: New Essay in Chicago Parent and Scrambled CAKETweet this!

The August issue of Chicago Parent is out and it has my essay, Recipe for a Happy Meal. Look closely at the photo and see what's on our plates. (DH's witty idea.)

Speaking of food, we've started a new family-style blog, Scrambled CAKE. You can link to it from my profile on the right sidebar. The CAKE is dedicated to Eating Around Chicago with Kids. (EACK scrambled into CAKE, get it?) We'll fill you in on where to go and what to eat when you're cruising the metro area with ravenous young 'uns. Submissions are welcome. Just tell us (in 300 words) about a favorite restaurant or dining experience. Be sure to include the name and address of the joint and a typical meal cost (kid/adult). Oh yeah, and tell us a bit about you and your family while you're at it. And if you have any ideas for an adorable Scrambled CAKE logo, we'd love to see them.