Monday, August 21, 2006

To my friends at Comp USA

I'm reading: To my friends at Comp USATweet this!

I am so sorry to have bothered you when I came into your store this morning. The young women at the customer service desk were clearly annoyed when they had to stop their conversation to answer my petty question about hard drives.

And speaking of annoyed, I am sooo sorry that my sons made a ruckus over at the "specialized parts" desk ringing the little customer bell over and over and over again when no employee appeared in response.

Finally, I apologize to the young blond whose phone cord I accidentally knocked on the way out of the store. I realize this awkward situation was difficult to prevent as you were blocking my aisle in your attempt to get some crucial, perhaps life-saving, information to the customer on the other end of the line. What? Your were talking to your boyfriend? My bad!!!

When DH called your store later in the day he got that same awkward feeling I had in your store, only he was just on the phone. Isn't that weird? We don't even have a video phone, but it's like he could tell he was interrupting something really important when he called.

Again, so sorry to have bothered you. We'll try to keep our distance in the future; once I return the hard drive, that is.

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