Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back in School!

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The boys started school yesterday. The morning drop-off was almost painfully uneventful. (Isn't anybody going to miss me just a little bit?)

I felt like I raced around all day trying to accomplish things I've not had time for in the month since camp ended. But it's nowhere near as bad as the three-hour blocks of time afforded by preschool. Back in those days I felt like I was always trying to beat the clock-run all my errands maybe even exercise and still make it back in time for pick up.

I enjoyed the quiet house during the day, but once they returned to school they were tired and crabby and Smartypants already had homework and both boys had music practice and it was a nightmare. Splinter had soccer practice too, but we bagged that at the last minute due to an overwhelming tantrum. As pleasant as the day was, the evening was equally unpleasant. Ya got your Yin and ya got your Yang. I guess that's life.

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