Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Maseratis and Corvettes and Porsches, oh my!

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Hey Mr. Smartypants, something tells me we're not in Skokie anymore!

We temporarily abandoned our downmarket life and headed to the more affluent Northbrook for a party honoring our friend Scott Lew. There was a ten year-old boy at the party who told Smartypants that he absolutely had to see the Maserati parked in the driveway. (Click on Scott's link and you'll know it's not his; he gets around in a handicapped accessible van these days.)

Not being a car aficionado, Smartypants tried to act more impressed than he was. "Wow it sure is clean and shiny!" He was a bit taken by the speedometer that goes up to 200 mph, but after our long road trip he's also aware that even on highways the speed limit tops out at about 70 mph, so all in all it was a little confusing to him.

His new friend spouted details about the car and then pointed out the Porsche and Corvette parked across the street and shared some details about those as well. At this point in life my little guy is thankfully more impressed by a really cool paper airplane than a really expensive car.

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