Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spontaneous post: News you Need

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I wasn't planning to post today, but I'm sitting here waiting for the fridge repair man and just came across something I wanted to share.

With the High Holidays here things like tefillah (prayer), tesh-uvah (love, saying sorry), and tzedakah (compassionate action) are on our minds. I just read about a great tzedakah opportunity over at Parent Hacks (by way of the Mother Shock blog). There is a US soldier in Iraq who is looking for donations of stuffed animals--and she will take used ones.

For several years I organized a gently-used toy drive at my boys' preschool and I know that almost no organization will accept used stuffed animals. So what to do with all those lovies that never really got loved and are in great condition? Send them here:
Edmay Mayers USACE - GRS APO AE 09331

Here's a note from Edmay from the Parent Hacks site
"Please, please, please – I know where you can give all the stuffed animals and toys away – I am presently stationed (deployed) in Iraq. The children here love the stuffed toys – I can hardly keep up with the cost of them – I am continuously ordering more and more from Oriental Trading Company and candy for the young ones too. If there is any way at all please have any and all sent to me at the address listed and I will ensure that the children in Iraq receive all that is sent. "

I will go box up some items. And then I'll go clean the kitchen. (DH are your reading?!)

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Edmay said...

Thanks you so much for posting this information. The children here in Iraq appreciate all they are given. Thanks again and may God bless and keep you. /Edmay