Monday, September 18, 2006

The trouble with homophones

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Ah homophones, those tricky words with different meanings but similar sounds.

I recently watched a documentary about China that told of a long-ago emperor and one of his court eunuchs. This got me thinking about eunuchs. DH is a walking encyclopedia, so I asked him. Here is our conversation in a nutshell:

Me: Do you know anything about eunuchs?

DH: No, but you should ask Jim, he probably knows a lot.

What?! Why would Jim know anything about eunuchs?

Wait, did you say UNIX or Linux?

Eunuchs, the guys without balls; not UNIX the computer operating system.


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JimMc said...

I used to know this really annoying guy at work who would always say "I resemble that remark". I'm not going to repeat him though, just quote him ;)