Friday, September 29, 2006

What was I thinking?!?

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A petri dish full of eggs with my name on it.
Aren't I already harried?
Don't I already have enough love in my life?
Haven't I spent years cooking and cleaning up after little ones?
And yet, here I go again.
Waiting for signs of life.

If I had any idea how much work it would be to try to raise silkworms I would not have suggested the project . Every few hours I dash over to the petri dish looking for larvae (thank goodness our house is small). Is our place too cold? Did I wait too long to unpack the eggs? Have I already screwed up?

Once they hatch I not only need to clean up their poop every day (thank goodness their poops are small) but I need to cook for them! Yes, cook! I have to measure out the "dry silkworm diet" (which looks eerily like the green powder on Veggie Booty and even smells a bit like it). Then I have to mix the powder with a measured amount of water, stir, heat in microwave, stir again and heat again. Finally, I have to hurriedly cover the hot mixture with a skin of plastic wrap to avoid mold, let cool to room temperature and then refrigerate. Apparently I will be doing this every few days for the next six weeks. Assuming they hatch, that is. And If you think I am exaggerating or perhaps obsessing, read this.

This had better be cool.

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