Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Your call may be monitored...

I'm reading: Your call may be monitored...Tweet this!

We've all heard something like this before: "Your call may be monitored to ensure customer service."

I was on hold with GE the other day because our 3 year old GE fridge is about to conk out for the third time. The people are I dealt with were very nice (maybe it has something to do with the class action lawsuit for which our fridge qualifies?), but all that time on hold got me thinking.

What if when they finally answered the phone, I told them that I was transcribing our conversation for my blog or simply recording the conversation so I wouldn't have to rely on memory and scratchy notes to recreate the conversation for my sugar daddy whose paycheck paid for the defective fridge. Would the person on the other end be on his best behavior or would he resentfully record notes in his computer about what a mean, horrible customer I am?

What if, about 30 seconds, into our conversation I said: please hold while I run to the restroom because I finished a grande 1/2 caf Mocha while I was waiting for you to pick up and now I really have to pee! The estimated wait time is 2 minutes (make it 5 if I need to run down to the basement to get a roll of toilet paper because nobody else in my house is capable of replenishing the supply. Sure, as a woman my overall wiping needs might be greatest, but have you ever seen how many wads of toilet paper a six year-old "needs" to wipe his butt?). I appreciate your patience. I'll be with you momentarily. While you're waiting here's a tape of my six year-old recent violin practice (he's been playing for three whole months now!).

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