Monday, October 30, 2006

I think I'll be Supermom for Halloween

I'm reading: I think I'll be Supermom for HalloweenTweet this!

Although I considered dressing as a Temptress Cavewoman or Sexy Harry Potter (guess what I'm not wearing under my Gryffindor robe?), Supermom is the front runner.

Here's my day so far:
6:30 Wake up and head to computer to write before the kids are up. Like a dog that can hear its owner eating marshmallows, within minutes Smartypants is at my side. I didn't bother showering for my job interview because the boys get picked up on Mondays and I planned to exercise right after pickup.

7:10 Splinter wakes up and freaks out about his Halloween costume, or lack thereof. This from a boy who made a list in August of both his school and actual trick-or-treating costumes through the year 2009.

7:15 My mom calls to tell me she almost cancelled her out-of-town trip because one of her cats is sick. Thankfully, she has hired someone to come give it medicine and change its bandage all week, but would I please go over each day this week to give some love to the poor cat (who hisses at me whenever I get within three feet of her)?

7:18 Carpool Buddy calls. Her son is sick and won't be going to school today. I need to make the 45 minute round trip to drop the boys at school.

8:05 Boys delivered safely to school. I stop at the cleaners on the way home, get a 1.5 miles walk on the treadmill, shower, dress (including the oft-ignored hair and makeup) and make it to my interview with 15 minutes to spare.

Yeah, baby!


Jay said...

Okay, I'm impressed!

Rhea said...

I adore Halloween. Here in Boston there is a big bike ride (about 150 riders), all costumed, many freaky. We ride into Harvard Square and take over the city of Cambridge!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Thanks Jay. Wow, you have more blogs than I do.

Did you hear that DH? I impress people!