Monday, October 16, 2006

My haunted house and Halloween fun

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Official word around here is that Halloween is cancelled.

On a recent trip to the dentist one of our sweet things who has been eating too many sweet things (and not flossing enough) was diagnosed with two cavities. Each cavity covers two surfaces thereby costing twice as much to fill. Bottom line is that we'll owe over $400 for fillings and that pretty much depletes our modest candy budget.

We haven't worked out all the details. I think trick-or-treating will be allowed, but I plan to eat all the candy before little Splinter can sink his rotten teeth into anything (which is pretty much the standard procedure around here anyway).

Our mounting medical bills and $5000 deductible continue to scare me. Take some time to think about where your insurance plan is heading. You will be afraid. Very afraid.

Thinking about returning my boys to public school is also frightening. Look DH, my hair is standing on end from the chills going up my spine! On a related note, I am seeking new clients for my growing freelance writing practice. Contact me at for details.

Here' s the last scary thing around Chez Moldofsky, but it's really more weird than scary. (Cue the Twilight Zone theme, please). I have a printer/fax combo and lately when I plug in the phone line to send a fax I get WBBM news radio. I can't send a fax because I'm picking up radio signals instead of a dial tone.

I called my tech guy: DH, come help me! What's going on?

He told me he couldn't have made that happen if he tried. When the phone line is plugged into he phone it works, but when it turns my fax machine into a radio. If any of my tech-savvy readers have some tips, please share them. Or maybe you can recommend a good exorcist?

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JimMc said...

Try this filter from Radio Shack. I've also heard that the surge-protector power outlet strips with phone plugs in them can do the job too.