Tuesday, October 17, 2006

School Fundraising- taking it to a new high

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Reading this post at my friend Jim's blog reminded me about our own little fundraising program.

Our school doesn't nickel and dime us, but we do have some major funding campaigns, like the capital campaign to get ourselves a proper school building. The school is currently housed in an old office building. My eight year-old, Smartypants, wants to sponsor the Spanish classroom in the new building. Here's an appeal he wrote last summer (really, you will see it is not quite my style).

Dear Friend,

I'm Smartypants (my mom doesn't let me say my real name on the Internet). I'm an eight year old boy who likes sports, technology, and reading. My school is called "The Gifted Academy" [Mom won't let me post the ral name on the blog]. It is a very good school. It is for academically advanced kids. I feel comfortable with it; the kids and teachers are very talented and the subjects are very interesting. My school needs money because they are going make a new building.

I would like you to make an investment in the school because it is for a good cause, it will help lots of kids and at my school kids use their full abilities. If they don’t get to use their full abilities they might not get such a good job when they are grown up. One reason is because they wouldn’t have learned as much or know as much as if they did use their full abilities and learn a lot.

At my old school I was in a class with kids who were not academically advanced and I had to wait because I was finished with my work but I couldn't do anything and didn't have any more work and wasn't allowed to read and it was very boring for me. This year I went to "The Gifted Academy] and it was a huge improvement. I've made lots of friends at the GA. At my old school I didn't really have friends.

Examples of some things we do at the GA are in science, we made circuits and the older kids dissected squid. And sometimes in FPS (Future Problem Solving) we do Sudoku, a very cool number puzzle. We learned Pascal’s triangle in math and once in FPS we learned the word pneumoultramicroscopicvolcanoconeosis, a disease that you get when you breathe in quartz or granite.

I am trying to raise $25,000 to sponsor a room at the new school. I realized that if 250 people invest $100 then I’ll have $25,000. I would like you to invest a little in my school. I don’t care how much money, but at least one penny. Here is how to invest:
Click on this (CTRL + click). It is perfectly safe.
{link deleted for blog. For donation details contact fundraiser (at) moldofsky (dot) com} Please say that you are donating to the "Blueprint for Excellence" (Capital Campaign) in honor of "Smartypants" Moldofsky.

I thank you very much for investing in my school and helping special students.


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JimMc said...

If nothing else, Smarty's got a future in venture capitalism!