Friday, October 06, 2006

Signs of life in the petri dish!

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After several fruitless days of searching for signs of life in the petri dish I began to worry. For example:

The scene: bedtime on a crisp fall night.

Me: Do you think we should turn on the heat?

DH: Are you cold? If you're cold, go ahead and turn it on.

Me: *sigh* No, I'm just worried about the silkworm eggs. I think our house may be too cool for them to hatch.

The next day I was prepared to call our supplier and insist on replacement eggs because what they sent us were clearly just leftover poppy seeds from someone's lunch when behold! There was movement in the dish! Four tiny worms had hatched out before Splinter left for school. By the time he returned home there were nearly a dozen. Within two days virtually all of the 65 eggs hatched.

Our kit was only supposed to contain 25 eggs. I thought of the extras as "insurance," but now that almost of them hatched, I'm a little worried. I've gathered some extra containers for when they outgrow the petri dish, but what to do about food? Will I be able to feed them all? Should I order more Dry Silkworm Diet now, just in case? Can I keep them alive for the next 6 weeks? How much silk do I harvest? (More about the ethical dilemma involved later.)

I'm not going to let these answers keep my up at night. In fact, I'm going to bed right now.

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