Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fear Factor

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My living room is now home to seven stinky containers filled with 2-inch long creepy caterpillars. At this point they are sturdy enough to pick up, so they actually make better pets than, say, my mother's cat.

According to our guide book they should start cocooning soon, but they still seem to be in a stage of rapid growth. This means they are eating a lot and therefore pooping a lot, too.

I cooked up a double batch of food yesterday which turned out to be a mistake. Despite the increase in volume I didn't add extra time in the microwave and the food came out very goopy. Nutrients are nutrients, I thought, so I glopped some into a container, but it was veritable quicksand for the silkworms because of their suction-cuppy feet.
This led to our first casualty.
I popped the rest of the food back into the microwave, but you know how when you overcook things they gets sort of rubbery? Well, let's hope this doesn't bother the remaining silkworms.
I sure hope I, I mean Splinter, gets a gold star at the Science Fair. Kidding aside, I wouldn't recommend this as an independent project for a child under age 10.

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