Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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The boys are off of school this week so I figured I should take Smartypants to the doctor to check out his cough. He had a cold in October and has ongoing allergy issues, but even regular doses of Claritin (What? You want me to dust my house?) haven't made a dent in his stuffiness and cough. The doctor thinks my guy has walking pneumonia. Bad Mom or at least Guilty Mom for not having taken him in sooner.

After the bad news at the doctor's we headed to a nearby preserve for refreshing nature walk. At least I could gain some Good Mom points by having them spend some time outside, right? We might have been better off staying indoors as Splinter, unaware, stepped in some animal poop which he later smeared on my car's fabric interior and now it smells like, well, you guessed it.

Sick kid, smelly car. We had to put a positive spin on our day so we headed to our new obsession, the Super H Mart. It's the happiest place in Niles! This Korean/pan-Asian mega mart is amazing. It has a huge produce section filled with vegetables and fruits that I've never even heard of--dragon fruit, anyone? The boys and I have been there twice this week and it's only Tuesday. DH and I are going to check out the food court later this week.

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